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About QuizGen

QuizGen automates test creation. Teachers benefit from fresh assessment tests, with answer keys, ready on demand. Convenient sample tests clarify expectations without compromising the actual exam. Parents and Students benefit from the Drill and Practice that develops and establishes fundamental skills and speed.

Automation: Some types of problems can be varied by using different numbers. Easy examples are in Mathematics (add, multiply, solve, factor). The QuizGen project seeks problems of this type from all fields and automates the creation of tests.

Assessment: Fresh tests help Instructors. Assessment Tests can lose their validity when the same questions are used repeatedly. Students may begin to answer based on visual recognition of the problem rather than actual thought and solving. Fresh questions reduce the problems due to memorization or specific answers leaking out.

Example: Sample tests help Students understand. It is said that "a picture is worth a thousand words." Sometimes an example communicates more effectively than a description. With sample tests on demand, instructors can provide samples to students without compromising the secrecy of the actual exam. In fact, the actual exam can be created on demand right before it is mass-produced for testing, thus helping ensure that no student has previously seen it.

Drill and Practice: Fresh tests on demand help Parents and Students. Drill and Practice are useful to develop and establish fundamental knowledge and skills. Speed at basic skills leaves students more time to ponder the creative needs of assignments.

Join the QuizGen Team. QuizGen is a free service. Who knows if it will ever be popular? But it is fun to develop a new test and see it used. If you have ideas for new tests, contact webmaster at QuizGen.ORG. If you have ideas to improve existing tests, contact webmaster at QuizGen.ORG. If you have ideas to improve the QuizGen website, contact webmaster at QuizGen.ORG. We value your advice.

About the Author: QuizGen is the brainchild of Don Colton, a professor of Computer Science and Information Systems at Brigham Young University in Laie, Hawaii. Dr Colton has a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from Oregon Graduate Institute, and a Masters in Business Administration and BS in Mathematics, both from BYU in Provo, Utah. His work experience includes computer programming, consulting, managing, and now teaching. He hopes you find QuizGen both fun and useful. Tell your friends!